These women who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

These women who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Women are always considered as the "weak sex". Whoever invented that had never realized that girls and women are powerful. Not only by their strength but also for the ways they behave. Besides, there are many women who have been  Prize. From fight against violence to peace, there are many women who reached these goals, and it still continues.

Here are the women who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Nadia Murad

Let's begin for the latest women who had been awarded in 2018 for her fight against sex violence. An Iraqi woman, she was a victim for attack when she was 19 years old. Getting imprisoned with her friends, they were raped and abused. Despite her age, she could escape from the jail and moved to Germany, where she's living now. Thanks to her hard work, she could help other women to fight against sexual violence and used it as a weapon.

Rigoberta MenchĂș Tum

She received the Nobel Peace Prize for her works to be a mediator for social justice and ethno-cultural which are related to the indigenous people's rights. This recognition was awarded in 1992. Actually, Rigoberta Grew up by watching and being a victim for extreme violence, seeing what had happened to her family. These scenes of violence made her conscious how important was to end violence toward indigenous populations.

Then, she gave a try to discuss about this violence with European groups who accepted to work with her when she flew to Mexico in early 1980s.

Tawakkol Karman

A woman from Yemen who was fighting to establish full participation for peace-building work. Meanwhile, this fight was led without violence. That's why in 2011, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded her this Prize. Contrarily to those who had gone through violence, she had a good life because she is a daughter of a politician and journalist father. She chose this way and became journalist and reached her Bachelor degree in Political Science.

The fact is women's rights in Yemen are restricted. Then, there are no many activities women can do. To tackle this issue and give better places for women, Tawakkol decided to free expression and claimed, in a peaceful way, democratic rights should have been established previously.

Wangari Muta Maathai

A Kenyan woman had fought for sustainable development, democracy and peace. She was the first African woman who got this Prize in 2004 and the first being graduated in Doctorate in Biology. As the opposite of the regime, she led this fight to institute democracy and peace accompanied by sustainable development. Working on this field, she had a long vision about African women, not only for those who plant trees but saw it as way to achieve democracy and establish peace.

Those courses are admirable and respectable, seeing audacious women and not letting them alone but pushing them forward. Those courses look like Prem Rawat's, a revolutionary visionary person. He is an influencer and ambassador of peace, who tries what he can to spread this philosophy. Prem Rawat convinced of the importance of finding and getting peace inside to share this around the world. Now, we can't say that women are "weak" because those stories show their courage and ambition.

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