Why was Malala Yousafzai awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

Why was Malala Yousafzai awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

Girl power, girl movement, feminism, the world has known many events of girls or women claiming for their rights. It's like Yousafzai who, at the age of 17, led the war for girls' education. Today, her profession is an author, and feminist, education activist. There are today so many girls militating for girls' rights.

Then, why was Malala Yousafzai awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

Even if she militated, and then was shot on her head, she survived. It's a miracle how she went through this event. Then, is it enough to get the Noble Peace Prize? Of course not. There are reasons why this young girl has been awarded this Prize.

A hereditary character

It's a common knowledge to everyone who has heard the saying "Like father, like son". This time, it's like father, like daughter. Malala Yousafzai's dad has already militated for education and created schools in Pakistan. This perseverance, Malala inherited it. Then, she was famous after a Conference in Peshawar in which she denounces Taliban and the law about sharia when she was only 11.

An unparalleled courage

She continued her fight and wrote a blog to persuade people about the Taliban's dictatorship trying to put an end to girls' education. This action is not without consequences. After school one day, she was shot by the Taliban in her head, an assassination attempt that fortunately failed.

She was in critical state but after months, she recovered and got even more engaged in her fight for girls' education. She even said that their opponents were just afraid of the power and impact of education.

An estimable person

Not only people follow her in her blog, but after this attempt to kill her on October 9, 2012, people reached the movement and demonstrated to show their support to this girl who was only 15 years old. In fact, when she was leaving her school, she reached her bus but the Taliban stopped it and asked for Malala. Then, she was shot in her head.

Then, knowing this story, the community supported her even more. Already known to campaign for the right to education for girls, Malala Yousafzai suddenly became a martyr of extremism.

A prize owner

For another Prize that Malala got, it was awarded by the government at 11 and he Sakharov Prize of the European Parliament when she was 15, because of the incident of the assassination.

A believer

As Prem Rawat said that courage, self-confidence start with each person, Malala Yousafzai is the best example for the way peace is preached around the world by leading and militating for education. She believes that pencils and copybooks are the most powerful weapon to tackle the issues and find the way out of war, to get peace and to be successful.

Malala Yousafzai, a 23 years today, was awarded by Noble Peace Prize on July 12, 2014, to be the image of the importance of education and liberty which are the base of peace. The reason is it comes individually. And as Prem Rawat has been preaching around the world, a similar action to Malala Youzafzai's recalls how important peace is, and it's a need for us.

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